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Front view of the Capitol

Congressman Troy A. Carter, Sr.'s Statement Upon the Recent Release of Disturbing Video Footage Depicting the Death of Ronald Greene

May 22, 2021


WASHINGTON, D.C. - In a statement issued today by Congressman Troy A. Carter, Sr., the Congressman offers his sincere condolences to the Ronald Greene family for the loss of their loved one, and the extreme pain associated with their journey to have all of the disturbing video released publicly.

“This tragic loss of life at the hands of officers who are sworn to protect and serve is simply unacceptable. These acts of abuse and apparent cover up must be dealt with swiftly, and where the law was violated, prosecuted.  Such egregious acts must be discouraged from ever happening again.

Prosecuting wrongdoers after the fact, however, is not enough.  We must pass safe and effective police reform legislation like the George Floyd Policing Act so that the resources are available to improve policing while protecting our communities.  

I will be monitoring the Department of Justice's investigation into this incident and will fight to ensure that its results are thorough and transparent.  The people deserve better.   I will continue fight for justice, transparency, and systematic police reform.  We can never heal the family’s sorrow or bring back Ronald Greene, but we can, and must, put policies in place to prevent this sad and far too often abuse of power from occurring on our streets.”